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Watch Emma’s speech and take action








Assassin’s Creed screams in the distance

someone write a youth fantasy novel about this damn thing

Oh….my…..give this to me now.

*heavy breathing*


The Queen of Rap slaying with Queen Bey. ***Flawless


Ruckus rockin out to a good jam

I will never understand this weird elitism in fandoms like damn why can’t you just bond over the thing not tell people they’re not real fans


some orphan black inspired tattoo designs! sorry it took me like 92 years to do this. i live in the middle of nowhere and i can’t travel everywhere and tattoo everyone as much as i’d really love to so have these, feel free to get them done by your local tattooist. but of course if you could come and get them done by me that would be even better! i’ve updated the art section on my blog too and it has a tattoo section now so all future ob tattoos and designs will be posted there c: there will definitely be more soon. 

if you’re gonna get any of these done pretty please try to change something in the design or ask your tattooist to do it for you, so that if someone else gets the same thing you don’t end up becoming clones of each other. try to do something to make it uniquely yours, change the colours, add or take away stuff, whatever. also remember to credit and stuff obvs and send me pictures! 

aaand if you’re thinking of asking about commissions, please read this.


Slytherin Pride

"You could be great, you know, and Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, no doubt about that."